Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Paper Mixing Bowl: November 2012 Challenge

As I was busy buying a house and selling mine, I never got around to finishing the November PMB challenge until recently. I loved the recipe for this month so much that I decided to make it a two page layout.

Here's the recipe:
And here's my take:

And a close up of each page:

My favourite part of this layout was the maple leaves.  They were extra special because they came from our tree that we planted in the backyard. This tree was a gift from my Uncle that he had dug up from his property and given to us on a Thanksgiving several years before.  It was our first tree at our first home and we would soon be moving away and leaving it behind. The colours were so spectacular this past fall and our little maple really put on a show. So I collected several leaves of varying sizes and glued them onto the layout, then used a special spray paint to "laminate" them so that the colour won't fade. That's it for now! Wow, two posts in one day ;)

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