Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Big Day!

I'm so excited! The day has finally hair modelling photo shoot.

A few months ago, my hair dresser, Amy, asked if I would ever cut my hair short. I love taking risks with my hair and usually leave the look up to my hair dresser after a few suggestions. I've had long straight hair, permed hair, many variations of a chin length bob, I've dyed it blonde, red and most recently brunette but I have never gone super short. At least not since I was a kid and every one used to make fun of me for looking like a boy. I was excited for a change though and once Amy put the bug in my ear, I couldn't stop toying with the idea. Then she offered me a deal I couldn't resist...she asked if I would let her cut and colour my hair in exchange for doing a few hair modelling pictures for her studio. I have always loved watching America's Next Top Model both for the makeover episode and to see the amazing transformations in the photo shoots (and of course the drama). But I never imagined I would ever get the opportunity to be the subject of a camera myself...the thought both excited and terrified me! I usually take about 50 pictures of myself before I can get one I like, and any time I try to give a modelly pose or look, I end up looking like a complete tool and promptly delete the photo off my camera (thank goodness for digital technology!) But when would I ever get this kind of opportunity of course I said yes! A few weeks later, she emailed me a photo of a hairstyle she wanted to do and I LOVED it! It was short but a funky and versatile cut. So last Sunday, I went for the big chop chop! I went from medium brown hair to short and blonde and I am loving every minute of it. And today is the big photoshoot. I am very excited but so nervous. I just hope I don't look like an idiot! I will post pictures as soon as I get them! Wish me luck! For now, I will leave you with the before and after shots. Enjoy!

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